Digitalise your financial management

How is bookkeeping and financial administration digitalised?

For many businesses today, the challenge remains that their accounting is not in real-time. Reasons for this include, for example, the fact that their data is spread across different systems that are not connected.

We will help you migrate to digital financial management and bookkeeping in a way that best suits your business. Digital financial administration significantly reduces a company’s internal administrative work, cuts down errors and, most importantly, produces precise, timely financial information for the company’s management and owners. Below are some examples of the ways we digitalise your accountancy and make it real-time.

These are some of the ways we digitalise your financial management and make it real-time:

  • We put into operation a shared financial management system, such as Fennoa, Netvisor, DL Software or Heeros. These systems have everything you need: invoicing, sales ledgers, a purchase-to-pay process (including approval), cash receipts and travel expense reports, bank connections and bookkeeping.
  • If you want to keep your existing invoicing software, we will integrate the invoicing and/or accounts ledger systems you use with our accounting software (by building an interface between the software or by using an existing interface).

The benefits of digital financial administration and accounting:

  • you can easily find old invoices and receipts
  • paying invoices is quick and easy, and you won’t have to log in to an online bank at all
  • you won’t have to buy expensive software but can pay a monthly fee instead
  • you won’t have to buy software updates or worry about them, since they’re automatic
  • you get immediate access to your bottom line and balance sheet, liquidity, payments, etc.
  • you can access events and receipts straight from, for example, a line on the profit and loss account
  • you can find all your receipts in one place (invoices, payments, travel expense reports, purchase receipts, etc.)
  • no more important papers getting lost
  • we will help you learn to use the software, and you won’t have to call an external helpdesk!

Contact us and tell us about your situation, if you do not know what you should do, we will give you a concrete proposal.