Payroll and HR

Wages paid correctly and on time, plus expertise in collective agreements and the legislation relating to them

In practice, all companies that don’t have a full-time payroll professional would benefit from outsourcing their pay calculations. Wages and salaries, terms of employment, working hours, sick leave, parental leave, holiday and pension contributions are governed by a large number of laws and collective agreements. You need to know the relevant laws and agreements well if you want to calculate and declare yourself the wages and salary you pay. It is common for mistakes to be made even with basic payroll issues, such as the Working Hours Act, the rules and regulations of collective agreements, holidays, deductions to pension and unemployment contributions or carrying out pay increases. Errors are often not intentional, but they can be very costly for the employer if the employee claims compensation afterwards.

When you outsource your payroll to us, your company will have its own professional payroll officer. Your payroll officer at Bäck & Vilén can take care of all salary-related payments if you choose. They will handle your payroll declarations and pay statements for you. They can also give you advice on collective agreements, maternity and paternity leave, sick leave, lay-off practices and Kela benefits. We can claim Kela benefits, accident compensation and pay subsidies on your behalf and take care of employment contracts. Your payroll officer will always primarily represent the employer – your company – even if your employees are in direct contact with them in matters concerning salary.

Our payroll officer only needs to know the principles to be applied in calculating wages and salaries and the number of hours when calculating hourly pay. We can also help you switch to using time tracking software, which allows your employees to fill in their own working hours, holidays and absences. Their supervisor will sign their hours, after which the software will transfer the information to the payroll officer. All data is production, payments, declarations to the Incomes Register, breakdowns for the employee and tax payments to the tax authorities are done using the software.

Payroll sections:

  • Pay calculation
  • Contracts of employment
  • Letters of reference
  • Travel expense reports
  • Pay statements and income certificates
  • Kela benefit applications
  • Accident insurance compensation applications
  • Pay subsidy applications
  • Incomes Register statements
  • Employer support (Working Hours Act, collective agreements, holidays, sick leave, Kela)
  • Confederation of Finnish Industries’ salary statistics surveys
  • Counselling for new business owners

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