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Does your company need an accounting and financial management partner with an outstanding ability to see the big picture behind your business?

Bäck & Vilén is an accounting firm with 25 employees. We serve both large and small companies in different industries. We handle accounting and tax issues for all types of companies with top-level accuracy and professionalism. In addition to accounting and financial management services, we help our clients grow, providing services related to company acquisitions, shareholder base expansion and contracts of different kinds.

Sign up as our valued client! We make sure to make the best financial decisions in tax matters and also look after your company’s interests as an employer. We will provide you with an electronic accounting system. Our expert, consultative and caring services ensure you can implement your plans efficiently.


Smart tax planning from the business start-up

An expert accountant will optimise your taxes and save you trouble Business taxation is regulated through tax laws and practices. We are experts in taxation and VAT for all types of companies. We are also experienced in specialised areas of VAT taxation, such as marginal tax (art, second-hand articles, cars and machinery, scrap or recycled

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Digitalise your financial management

How is bookkeeping and financial administration digitalised? For many businesses today, the challenge remains that their accounting is not in real-time. Reasons for this include, for example, the fact that their data is spread across different systems that are not connected. We will help you migrate to digital financial management and bookkeeping in a way

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