Smart tax planning from the business start-up

An expert accountant will optimise your taxes and save you trouble

Business taxation is regulated through tax laws and practices. We are experts in taxation and VAT for all types of companies. We are also experienced in specialised areas of VAT taxation, such as marginal tax (art, second-hand articles, cars and machinery, scrap or recycled goods), developer activities and international trade. Thanks to our extensive expertise and experience, we know how to use the means allowed by law to obtain deductions or minimise taxes. In summary: your company won’t pay more tax than it has to but, at the same time, we always act within the law and make sure you pay the taxes you do have to pay.

Eliminating tax risks

Another key principle in accounting is the elimination of tax risks. If such a risk is realised, it can cause costly damage. The most common risks relate to transactions between the company and the business owner. If these are not handled correctly, the consequences can be severe. In the event of a tax audit, they will result in heavy fines and, at worst, criminal sanctions. Paying the correct amount of tax prepayments is also important for many companies to ensure liquidity. We want to ensure that both your company and ours maintain a good reputation with the tax authorities and also the auditors. When things are done right, potential tax audits are not a problem.

Tax planning

Basic tax planning means ensuring that all expenses that are deductible by law are recorded as business expenses. These include, for example, travel expenses, rent between the company and owner and sharing profits between spouses. Tax planning concerns both the business owner and the company. Correct timing is crucial in tax planning. By timing and regulating the distribution of profits and the payment of wages in the right way, we can significantly influence the amount of tax paid by the company and its owners. Tax planning also includes decisions on the company type or group structure. These decisions can affect the amount of tax a company or individual pays. In the case of change-of-generation and ownership arrangements, knowledge of the tax authorities’ preliminary rulings is often highly useful for tax purposes. 

The right sums at the right time

We will handle your company’s tax payments and complete your tax returns correctly and on time. Late filing of tax returns and late payments always result in penalties to be paid to the tax authorities. The various taxes a company pays include VAT, withholding tax on salaries, and income tax. In addition, your accountant at Bäck & Vilén will make various declarations to the tax authorities, such as declarations of taxes on foreign sales and dividends.

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