Bäck & Viléns personal framför havet och Replotbron

Bäck & Vilén is your multilingual accounting firm in Finland

Multilingual staff and systems make international cooperation easy

You can find Bäck & Vilén right in the middle of the international environment of Vaasa, a city with many export companies. We have extensive experience of working with international companies operating both inside and outside of Europe.

Companies seeking to enter the Finnish market may initially set up a small branch or a sales outlet here, but from the beginning they will need Finnish accounting and tax services. We can help you set up and register the branch or Finnish subsidiary. Bäck & Vilén will act as your subsidiary’s financial department in Finland and will keep in close contact with the parent company.

We can communicate in English, Swedish and Finnish, depending on your wishes and needs. Thanks to our multilingual staff and systems, our customers receive all their reports and documents in the language of their choice. We act as a kind of interpreter on both language and system issues.

Bäck & Vilén is both customer and service-oriented

Cooperation and communication with the parent company is crucial, because that is where the big decisions are made.

“We know that deadlines are often very tight, especially at group level. We are always prepared to adapt our reports to ensure that the parent company gets the information they need. As a concrete example, we can export data in the SIE-format, which is unusual in Finland but common for instance in Sweden,” says Managing Director Johan Hällmark.

When you call Bäck & Vilén, you won’t need to queue: being easy to reach and responding quickly is important to all our employees, who are used to working internationally and in a customer-oriented way.

“In customer surveys, our international clients give us top marks for accessibility, professionalism and language skills. Cross-border cooperation is also very rewarding for us. It gives us a better overview of what is going on in the world.”

In many cases, close cooperation between Bäck & Vilén and a client abroad has continued for several years before the two parties have actually met face to face. Long distances are not an obstacle to smooth cooperation, although face-to-face meetings are most welcome and enjoyable.

“Fortunately, these days, there are powerful tools for remote meetings. However, more important than having a platform for communication is to keep in touch regularly.”